Experiences of the Slovenian coast on the boats Zlatoperka, Nova and Splendid

Boat trips

Would you like to see the Slovenian coast from the sea? To feel the sea breeze in your hair and cast a glance at the depths of the sea? To spend three enjoyable hours far away from »ashore« worries?

If yes, we suggest you embark with us on a panoramic tour with one of our boats – the smallest, wooden Splendid, the fishing boat Zlatoperka or the newest and largest Nova.

Fish picnics

For those more demanding who would like to spend more time on the sea, day-long picnics are organised.

Aboard Zlatoperka or Nova we take you along the Slovenian coast tailoring the events to your wishes. In the summertime, we can stop off at any of the beautiful bays where you can have a swim while children may take advantage of deep water for carefree jumps off the boat.

Stops can be made in Piran, Bernardin, Portorož, Strunjan, Izola, Ankaran and Koper. Each of these places is worth visiting and in each of them you can treat yourself to a scented coffee or a delicious ice cream.


Keen on celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a stag party, a bridal shower or even a wedding in a little bit different way? Or on promoting a different approach to the ever more popular team-building? Maybe on a boat. Why not?

We know from long-standing experience that people are enthused by these parties!

You bring along good will and good mood, we take care of the rest. We can organize all kinds of ceremonies on board either of Nova or Zlatoperka since we are not limited by schedules, there's no danger of disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood and your group remains connected throughout the whole party.

Experience the trawling

On board of our fishing boat Zlatoperka you can experience the trawling, a particular fishing method using demersal trawl nets that are towed on the seabed.

The entire fishing procedure can be observed, from the casting of the fishing net in the sea to lifting it aboard and sorting the catch. You can come with us from October to February.

All-day fishing is available to individuals or small groups.


Weather permitting, bathing is possible in the course of all our excursions / arrangements. In order to offer you a safe bathing, we anchor the boat in the bay which, at the given time, is the most appropriate in terms of weather, currents and other sea conditions.

Thus you will be able to enjoy in the best possible way the small but lovely Slovenian sea.

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