With the boat Zlatoperka or the boat Novo we drive along the Slovenian coast, and we tailor the events according to your wishes.

Fish picnics

For those more demanding who would like to spend more time on the sea, day-long picnics are organised. Aboard Zlatoperka or Nova we take you along the Slovenian coast tailoring the events to your wishes. In the summertime, we can stop off at any of the beautiful bays where you can have a swim while children may take advantage of deep water for carefree jumps off the boat. Stops can be made in Piran, Bernardin, Portorož, Strunjan, Izola, Ankaran and Koper. Each of these places is worth visiting and in each of them you can treat yourself to a scented coffee or a delicious ice cream.

The hunger of our guests is usually satisfied with delicious grilled fish and seafood, and their thirst quenched with properly chilled drinks – wine, mineral water, fruit juice or still water. We generally start with the baccalà mantecato alla triestina, a savoury spread of whipped salt cod, and fresh bread, followed by grilled anchovies (or herring hake when fresh anchovies are unavailable) and squid served with tomato salad.

By prior arrangement and according to our possibilities, other dishes can be prepared for those who would prefer a different menu.

Fishing boat Zlatoperka

On a real fishing boat, we prepare you a genuine atmosphere and an unforgettable party at sea.
In addition to fish picnics and panoramic rides, we offer you a real fishing experience "fISHING with trawl"
Captain of the Zlatoperke is Sandi Radolovič.

Ship Nova

The new acquisition in our fleet is the Nova, passenger ship that brings new and better opportunities to spend your time at sea.
Suitable for all occasions and almost all situations.
Captain of the Nova is Robert Radolovič.

Boat Splendid

An unforgettable experience for schoolchildren or small groups of people looking for genuine contact with the sea.
It is suitable for panoramic driving along the coast, swimming and diving.
Captain of the Splendid is Andrea Radolović.

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