Experience the trawling

On board of our fishing boat Zlatoperka you can experience the trawling, a particular fishing method using demersal trawl nets that are towed on the seabed. The entire fishing procedure can be observed, from the casting of the fishing net in the sea to lifting it aboard and sorting the catch. You can come with us from October to February. All-day fishing is available to individuals or small groups.

Such an outing allows you to get to know in a very attractive way our sea animals, especially those living on the sea floor. Depending on the season and in addition to the different species of fish, octopuses, squids, cuttlefishes, sponges, sea squirts, sea mice, brittle-stars and other echinoderms, crustaceans and many other living organisms can be seen, unfortunately though along with items that definitely shouldn't be on the sea bottom.

The excursion is suitable especially for primary school pupils, grammar and secondary technical school students as an appropriate complement to the biology curriculum (marine ecology, the living world of the sea…). It's a proven programme since it has been developed in cooperation with various educational institutions and students show deep curiosity and interest in it.

The trawling-watching takes from 2 to 3 hours. By agreement, it can be combined with a panoramic tour during which the students can look at the Slovenian coast from a different angle. Trawling can as well be combined with a picnic during which the catch of the day can be grilled. We are quite sure that you couldn't savour fresher fish anywhere else.

Fishing boat Zlatoperka

On a real fishing boat, we prepare you a genuine atmosphere and an unforgettable party at sea.
In addition to fish picnics and panoramic rides, we offer you a real fishing experience "fISHING with trawl"
Captain of the Zlatoperke is Sandi Radolovič.

Ship Nova

The new acquisition in our fleet is the Nova, passenger ship that brings new and better opportunities to spend your time at sea.
Suitable for all occasions and almost all situations.
Captain of the Nova is Robert Radolovič.

Boat Splendid

An unforgettable experience for schoolchildren or small groups of people looking for genuine contact with the sea.
It is suitable for panoramic driving along the coast, swimming and diving.
Captain of the Splendid is Andrea Radolović.

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